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2 September 2016 10:19 am
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I'm GIL from the Philippines and I'm basically a band-worshipping weeaboo who loves cute japanese idols.

I've loved NEWS since grade school, I still do
But recently, I jumped in the HEY! SAY! JUMP hole
and there's no way to get back up.
I'm trapped here.

Being in this hole, I met a contradicting, self-proclaimed-cool-but-really-a-dork named Yuya Takaki.

Now I'm loving it here *puts on sunglasses, sits comfortably, put hands behind head, sips my tropical drink*.
"I regret nothing."

know more about me (lol why would you really?):

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I'll always put the link to the rightful owner or to whom I got it from.
If you think you are the owner of  such media and I failed to give you the credits, then feel free to message me. :)
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      I could say that beside scrolling thru my Twitter timeline and sorting my gallery pictures, I spend most of my time reading fan fictions. I would gladly list down 'reading fanfics' in my hobby list if I must. But sadly, my main ship, my ultimate OTP, *cough TAKAINOO *cough, don't get enough recognition they deserve. So here I am listing down my favorite Takaki Yuya x Inoo Kei fanfiction of all time for others to get enlightened of the wonders this pairing could give (I'm exaggerating lol). But really, I just want to get track of the these fics for I tend to lose the link because my bookmark bar is a blackhole.
      Including the author and the //porn// warning (yea yea I read a lot of kinky fics, so what), I linked the fic through the title, so just click it.
      Lists aren't supposed to be in order, as a man would always say aka me, so this isn't ordered based on what I liked best to least because I love all of them. Lists aren't supposed to be completed, as said by me also, so I shall add more in the future.

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Writing is something either a drink when I'm thirsty for interaction or a glass for me to pour my overwhelming feels when there's an interaction. Either way, it's a way for me to express myself.

But I won't ever call myself a writer - well literally, I'm a writer because I was the one who's writing but what I meant was figuratively, I'm not a 'writer.' (Well not for now. I guess?) I'm just someone who's overly excited about her OTP. That's it. Also because I'm new to this.

Anyway, with all the rambling I would like to say that I finally got invited to join ao3. (internal party~) I'll be posting my fanfics there from now on but don't worry (you're not really worrying I know), I'll still put it here so this account would somehow be active.

Archive of our Own: heysayuyan

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"Sound of soft counting, followed by familiar touch of lips.

A dream?

Must be."

Warning: Smut )

Yesterday was Takaki's birthday and I was so focused on spamming on Twitter so I wasn't able to greet him here.

In celebration, I wrote this weird Takaino drabble.

And right, talking about takaino. Hikaru will be absent on next week's Rajira but MOST FORTUNATELY Takaki will be guesting so only Takaki and Inoo. Just both of them. In an enclosed space. Talking for more than an hour...

Can I just scream? AHIXNEIXNZYSN. Okay. I'm done.
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Intoxicating taste of tabacco, hickeys, and car sex.

edited: 03/06/17

Warning: Smut )

I've been wanting to read a smut fic about Takaino car sex along with Takaki's smoking habits bc they're like the greatest concept but I got tired of waiting so I wrote it myself. This is my first time to write with such theme and this has the weirdest POV so bear with it lol. Also, I don't really like the ending. Hmmmmm. (But too lazy to revise now...) Edited it already~

To my lovely mates, Soma and Jacqueline. Yo~  Here is the fic I've been hyping about. Hope you both would like it~
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This is the third time for me to review HSJ's single and songs. But this time, I'm gonna rank them based on my liking and then give my comments.

Our Days
This is considered ballad, right? Yeah. I'll consider it ballad. My definition of ballad is when a song can be a great background song when I feel down or whenever I want to listen to it if the weather is bloomy. Sort of like that.
No one can deny that the opening sounds almost too alike with Canon. It almost frightened me that theyight get sued because of this but nope JS wouldn't let that happen. When it comes to ballad, either Yabu or Yama stand out or given more lines but the fact that in this song, mof the time they sing together and almost no single line for each member until the bridge. I love that they're giving other members a chance to enhance their singing. Same with the previous singles, I learned to appreciate Chinen's voice more. Though I like it more when he's rapping, he did great with his solo line here. I have the tendency to be overly-critical when it comes to my bias, like what I usually do with Takaki. In his acclaimed solo line in the bridge, I find his long note ("hana") flat. No doubt he has a great singing voice but what he lacks is the dynamics unlike Yama and Yabu. But in all, this is one of HSJ songs I could never skip whenever it comes next in my playlist.

Funky Time
This is the B side that also has a PV but let's talk about the song first.
It sounds clichè, idealistically happy, moments with friends, kind of song. The ones you would usually play in your roofless car on the way to the beach with your friends (pretty much like 'Kira Kira Hikare') But I don't mean to give it a negative note. I love the light, easy-going feel to this song but I appreciate it more because of the PV.
I've always been looking forward to a JUMP PV with amateur, candid shots and just the boys showing their naturally dorky sides. And SURPRISE, we really got it! With the red double-decker bus and English suits, they've reached end of the boy band spectrum. I was not surprised that most people on twitter find the PV too One Direction-esque. This PV wasn't promoted at all so I just relied to the boys' description of it being fun and natural and so when it came out, tobikkos almost forgot about Over The Top.

Vanilla Ice
I don't know why but this reminds me of Traffic Jam from the GML single. I didn't really like this at first but as I repeat and paid more attention to the ad-libs I've come to appreciate it more. Mature JUMP strikes again. This song sounds so erotic and sensual with all the whispering and those (unholy) moans in the background. Right, please help me distinguish the one who whispered "feel it, feel it, feel it, love" at the end of the first verse because I swear if it's Takaki, (I greatly suspect it to be him) I'm gonna lose my shit. I neef someone confirm this. But bias aside, this is Takaki's song. They alwayd take advantage of his sexy, low voice for this kind of song that would showcase JUMP's adult side. Also, I noticed that they always pair Takaki with Daiki when it come to singing. Maybe because yeah their voice complement one another. "So annoying. Takaki here, Takaki there." Then let's talk about how they're starting to give attention to Keito's voice recently. Thanks to whoever is distributing the song lines for the recent singles.

Over The Top
It's like the song has been playing in my head since the day the short version was released for the opening of an anime. Before the actual release, even before hearing the full song. A bad case of major Last Song Syndrome for me. I was so delighted because Yabu stands out so much. He owned it and even he is aware of it (he mentioned it in his e-mail, I think?) and his line in the bridge is my favorite line.
When the preview for the PV of this song was supposed to be released, I stayed up with a lot of tobikkos on Twitter and we've gone nuts with how JUMP looked overly-cool with just plain black shirt and black pants. Simple costumes. Sleek dance. The warm tone of the PV. More when I watched the PV and witnessed how equal the screen time for each member was. (Though some Yama biased were complaining that he wadn't the center enough. Like yo. That was supposed to be the case at the first place.) But honestly, I haven't seen the full PV making as of this time but as I've seen from some clips and translation, this only proves how awful the making was for the GML PV. Fun, lively relationship between the memebers is a must. Also, it's OTP wonderland for Takaino, Ariyama but most esp Yabuhika shippers.

Let's talk about Keito again. Okay. His deep voice here is like a dirty talk to my ears. So teasy! But honestly, I never really liked party songs and this song is not an exception. They're not trying hard to be original with this song. The chorus was to conventional especially with the "Say Yeah! Say Ho!" Though, I was playing this song yesterday while showering and I just can't help but to dance along. No denying that this song is fun. I'll give it a chance.
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"Having a night walk with him after a year sends back the memory of when we used to take the same route"

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Takaki's J:REAL was freaking heaven-sent that I just have to make a story out of it! This was supposed to be a special fluffy coffee date with Yuya but I don't know, his facial expression just screams ANGST to me (or maybe because I'm a huge sucker for angst?)
Of course I have the image of Takaki x Inoo in my mind because I am (very) biased but this could be anyone, even yourself.
Me having a night walk with Takaki Yuya? UGH. YES. PLS.
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"Inoo having an awkward relationship with Takaki has never been new to the other members, not aware of what Takaki and he are right now is far from what they have expected."

More than an hour-phone call )
BTW. The title is the lamest again ugh.

So as you all probably know, Takaino dropped a bomb in the latest episode of Itajan where members try to reveal a secret they have been keeping since debut. Inoo said ever so calmly, as if it will not make the shippers squirm, he and Takaki would sometimes have phonecalls that would last for more than an hour.

And here I am,couldn't possibly ignore the biggest plot twist in Hey! Say! JUMP history (lol it's not).

[livejournal.com profile] tasuku_kyota has always been prompting me to write for the longest time. So here ya go~

But mind y'all that this is just my second time writing a fanfic and I'm still learning so this might not give justice to the strongest canon (so far) Takaino have thrown.

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This is my first post using Dreamwidth but I will crosspost this to LJ.

Because of all the ruckus in Livejournal, afraid of the security of subbers and translators, many decided to switch to Dreamwidth. Some said that it's already decided so taking precautionary measures is the best way to go. And me being a total parasite, also decided to make an account here just to be sure in case LJ goes thru hell fire (lol i'm exaggerating.) I don't have anything important in my account to be honest but if the subbers are leaving LJ to move here then I might as well follow.

I will use Dreamwidth from now on but will still crosspost so my LJ account will be up to date.

You can add me on Dreamwidth if you like:  heysayuyan (bc im not creative with usernames lol)
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        It has been weeks since the show Cain and Abel (2016) come to its conclusion and me being a total procrastinator, just finished watching it today. I don't really follow the weekly release of a drama unless I really like to the point that I couldn't hold back or the drama itself doesn't get subbed fast enough for me to catch up. In this case of this drama, it was the latter. But many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] anna3751, who worked her harddest to sub this drama and to shed light for the international viewers, we were able to not only see Yamada in a business suit but also appreciate the drama itself.
Warning: Spoiler )
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Hey! Say! JUMP's latest single, Give Me Love, was supposed to be released officially yesterday (14 Dec) in Japan. But for some unknown reason, some fans already have their copies of the single and all of its edition on hand the day before (13 Dec). I just don't know how early releases work, really. Like, what's the whole point of the official release date? If it's exclusive for fans club members or for raffle winners then there will be no confusion but it was avaliable to most stores already, like whuuut?

Okay nevermind that rambling, it not really a big deal and I'm not here to talk about that. But in relation to that, I've downloaded the digital copy of the single and would like to give my opinion of the songs in it including a //little// talk about the PV and making of Give Me Love song.

Give Me Love
      Matured. That's the word to describe this song. Away from the usual happy-go-lucky, whimsical image of JUMP. TaDaiki previewed this song on their radio show, BayJUMP, and also this is the closing song for Yamada's drama, Cain and Abel. With that, I already know the song and wasn't excited anymore because I was so convinced that the almost 4-minute preview will be the official version. But I was wrong. Again. Everyone did well in this song, though the line distribution wasn't the best and few lines were given to the "lesser-known" members. But what caught me off guard is the second verse. The moment when the beat dropped, I literally let out an amused gasped. More when Yuya's line came that got me to a sitting position. Just a bummer that that phrase was his only solo line in the whole damn song *cough cough biased cough.* And that's it. The rest of the song was just meh because again, I heard from the previews several times already. Bad side of preview really.
     About the PV, I've seen it and to be brutally honest, I don't fully understand what it's all about. I enjoyed the concept of acting and the several rooms with IKEA-showroom style (not that we have IKEA here in my country but hey we have google here.) What I understand was that Yamada, Inoo, and Yabu; Chinen, Keito and Hika; and Yuto, Daiki, and Yuya are living in the same world. Each scenarios show desperation or in need for love and affection. But that's it really. A lot of questions has been bothering me like why is Yamada looking at the camera at the first and last scene? What's the connection of Keito, Yuya, and Yabu waiting in the park and and forgetting to bring umbrella in the context of the song? Again, what's the connection of burning in hot coffee? Why only focus on the interaction between YamaInooBu but not the other two worlds (not sure about this but I can't be bothered to rewatch the PV really)? If someone could explain it to me for me to enlightened, then it would be great. Because what it seems to me is that they just want to give love to us fans by giving fanservice (eg. InooBu anf especially in the YutoYamaChi section.) I've seen a lot of screencaps with the 3 and to be honest, that's the reason why I'm not really in the hype to watch the making.

Traffic Jam
    Whenever I listen to this song, I could imagine myself being stuck in a Traffic Jam and honking my horn together with the beat of the song or the feeling of listening to this during a long road trips back to the busy city from a week of vacation. Damn, I love matured JUMP. The intro was Yama and verses of it has pairs singing (not really sure but based on my ear's judgement, Yuto-Chinen; Daiki-Yuya; Keito-Yabu; Inoo-Hikaru,) making me pleased because everyone got their spotlight. Not to mention Keito's "thing" (don't know the technical term) at the bridge. YES KEITO, GOOD JOB. YOUR HARD WORK IS FINALLY GETTING PAYED OFF.

    And Keito again with the opening. I'm so happy that they're giving him attention now. Same feeling with Yabu also standing out. But for sure, this song is Keito's. I can imagine JUMP as rich boys being arrogant like those Western MV about raining cash, awful sexualizing of girls, luxury cars, and huge mansions. Better yet just them drag racing, being boying and cool as fuck. Moreover, it sounds kinda high class and fancy, that I feel like it could fit in the Dear album.

Baby I Love You
     This song was also previewed in BayJUMP and at that moment I know I'm gonna love this song. One thing, because it is sort of a band song, and if you know me or you've read my past entry (in which you don't because really, who would waste time to read those irrelevant stuff?), I love JUMP band. This could fit to be a summer song where you could envision JUMP going and being dorky in the beach, if not just for that "Happy New Year to you." Second thing, and excuse me for being biased, YUYA'S I LOVE YOU OMFG. Formula of my favorite song: BandJUMP + Yuya fanservice = BEST SONG IN THE SINGLE!

      We're back with the old-fashion boy group sound with this song. Each got to sing their own solo line and that's a good thing, I guess (I'm all about fairness here.) This could be a song they could sing when riding the floaters during concerts while throwing signed balls to the fans or the background music to the documentary of their achievements for their 10th anniversary. It gives the feeling of nostalgia of their Glorious moments. Now I'm hoping.

Ashita Hallelujah (明日ハレルヤ)
      Will I consider this ballad? Yes, I will. Yabu in ballads has now become a tradition. His voice is standing out again. And why won't Yuya sing more ballad? I would have like this song more if it's not for that ending part. TOO REPETITIVE. TOO LONG.

After all the issue with Give Me Love PV, this single must be my second favorite singles from 2016, next to Fantastic Time. I understand that some tobikko aren't really fond of this single but we all have different opinions. That's why I'm voicing out mine.