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        One can never meet me without a pair of earphones in my ears. I listen to music most of the time, so much that I would always get called by my parents, or just anyone, for not listening to their nags.
        I have thousands of songs in my laptop, varying from JPop to JRock, from Western Music to OPM (Original Pilipino Music) but due to low memory storage issue, I could only put enough in my phone. Because of that, I had to make a choice of what genre to put in my phone and me being a total weeatrash trash recently, chose to put purely Japanese songs. I could still resort to Spotify if I want to feel the urge to listen to Western music.
        But that little intro is irrelevant to what I want to write about today, to say the least lol. I've seen tobikko write about what HSJ songs they favor and listen to the most but this time, I would like talk about the songs a listen to the least or those songs I would immediately skip whenever they come up next on my music library. Not because you're a fan of some group you're gonna immediately love all their stuff or if not force yourself. But I don't know why this must be said but I'm gonna say it anyway, I just don't feel these songs.
        But maybe in the future I'll learn to love these songs and if that happens, I'm gonna cross them out of the list.

Through the night – Weekender/Asu e no Yell
I wo Kure – Hey! Say!
Endless Dream – JUMP World
Disco Jockey – JUMPing Carnival
Nemuri no Mori – Magic Power
BE ALIVE – Magic Power
Deep night 君思う – Mayonaka no Shadow Boy
You Got More - Over
Screw - Over
succeed – Super Delicate
Too Shy – Ultra Music Power
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“Yan reminds me of you, Yuya.” But I didn’t really get what he meant that night.

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*Note: I used this fic by Tachan (arigatou~) as an insert scene. Read it after. :)

       I got the idea of the plot from the video that I've seen on Facebook about a dog being overly excited by his owner's return after a long time. I've started on this fic about 3 weeks ago but didn't have enough inspiration and ideas to finish it. But after reading the fanfic I linked above there by [livejournal.com profile] tasuku_kyota last night, I got the motivation I needed to get this over with so I shall dedicate this to her. After all, I'm a fan of her.
       I feel scared because this is my first time to write a fan fiction but thanks to [livejournal.com profile] takainoo4life for giving me her //sarcastic// moral support hahaha.  One more thing... that title is just cheesy af. UGH. I'm so bad at giving names.
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So I just got a copy of the PV Making of Sayonara Sensation from a friend (I know, I'm super late. Though I've seen it already.) And I was so excited to have my own copy just to capture these moments on GIF. I was seriously enjoying the dorkiness of JUMP playing that child-ish game (too bad, it has no subtitle) and there goes freaking Takaki and Inoo being all lovey-dovey in the background. And from that moment on, I couldn't focus on what's happening in the game anymore. DAMN TAKANOO! Ruining everything even my soul!

[my gif | c: heysayuyan]

Takanoo being all lovey-dovey in the Sayonara Sensation PV Making.
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Hey! Say! JUMP broke not only records but also the Internet with the release of their newest single a few days ago, which is Fantastic Time with four accompanying songs.

I, living in the Philippines and being a lame-ass fan, don't have the physical copy of the single. Fortunately, a generous tobikko gladly shared her mp3 rip with me. That definitely made me proud to be in this fandom. I felt greatful for her because without her, this review wouldn't be possible.

So here we go, I got my digital copy of the single and this time I want to give my opinion on the songs in this single.

Fantastic Time
  I already gave my opinion on this song on the day of its unofficial release so I will not include it here anymore.

Never Let Me Go
    If you look at the title, it has a ballad vibe to it. But oh boy, it is not. It was said that Yuri and Daiki was the main focus of this song especially the rap part so I felt excited. I've got to listen to the preview of this song on Twitter and what I can say that time and same with today is that THIS IS MY JAM! It has a KPOP feel to it maybe because of the rap I dont really know. Chinen's voice definitely improved a lot as time goes by (I used to dislike his voice because it sounded ear-y and annoying to my ears but time and opinions change.)  As expected of Daiki, he never failed to amaze me with his unique borderline mature and cute voice and did I already mentioned that I super love it whenever he raps?
    In conclusion, this has got to be my favorite in the single. Good job, Daiki and Yuri and of course the rest of HSJ.

Wonder Road (ワンダーロード)
    The vocals trio, Ryosuke, Kota, and Yuya, was the focus of this song. And oh JUMP with their English song title, they just don't learn at all. Don't misunderstand me, I love the song it's just that I find it awkward yet funny to listen to their mispronounced English words (it's not such a big deal tho.) Yuya was given the task to hit the high notes of this song and though he's my ichiban, I still somehow think that whenever he has got to sing high notes, he seemed to lack confidence resulting to it being "bitin" or sounding like it was forcibly cut-off (same thing happened to his high note in Pet Shop Love Motion) but still, his voice quality is awesome.
    It is a fun song that has a oldies feel to it. I also thought that it sounded a bit like Sexy Zone's Cha-Cha-Cha Champion (I don't know, maybe I'm just being random lol.)

What A Feeling
    A focus on Keito's recently discovered talent which is rapping, together with Hikaru's specialty. The song starts off with Hikaru's bass exhibition and oh heck it sounds so good same with Keito's English ugh. I could imagine exhausting lively dance moves for this song, same with the moves in Fantastic Time or maybe a part 2 (because the theme is there.)
    I enjoyed this song so much that one time I was like "why does this end so fast????" and when I looked at the duration, it was only for 2 minutes and 50 seconds. WHY HEY! SAY! JUMP !!!!!!!!!

Seijaku no Asa, Kimi to Iru Sekai。(静寂の朝、君といる世界。)

    So here comes the ballad song. Yuto and Kei was the main focus of this song but for me it didn't felt like so. It's more of like Hikaru or Yabu's song (Yabu and his ballads ugh. His voice just stands out in ballad songs because such fit his voice so much.) Granted, it's a nice song but it felt weak for me (not to mention that it somehow felt out-of place.) Maybe if JUMP could practice their harmonizaton more (they should focus on the vocal aspect also not just their dance, but isn't it too late to learn this thing just now?) or if this song was with the soon-to-be-released Give Me Love, maybe I could appreciate it more than I do right now.

To sum it all, it's a great single. Mature JUMP is definitely here already and we might get more from these dorks acting all matured lol. I honestly didn't expect much from this single (because of the trouble with the Fantastic Time song) so I should learn not to judge way too soon. Same with my opinions here, these might change in the future so don't take it seriously, okay?
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It was my birthday the other day, and thanks a lot to those who greeted me. I pretty much appreciate it. <3

So as a birthday present, my mom gave me a laptop. (YEYYYYY)

And with this baby, I can now dedicate 80% to my fangirl life and 20% to the what this laptop was supposed to be for, school works.

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Aisureba Motto Happy Life x Takanoo

[my gif | c: heysayuyan]

Don't they look like newly-wed couples with their friends helping with the unpacking.
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This is my opinion on Hey! Say! JUMP's new single, Fantatic Time which was a to-be-OST for an anime.

I was looking forward to this song since the day it was announced, expecting it to have the same nature as the songs on their new album, Dear (which I pretty much love most of).

The night of the release, I was on twitter flailing with the rest of the tobikkos waiting for it. When it finally dropped, all I can say is that it didn't quite meet my expectations. It sounded a lot like New Age, which is a song that didn't grew on me. I never really liked overly-synthesized sounds, autotuned voices, and EDM to the extent that my head would actually hurt. And frankly, I did get one after listening to the song. Granted, it was catchy and cool and all but that's all it is to me.

But setting aside all my expectations, it was supposed to be an anime OST and having that background, the song fitted the look of the anime (based on the released posters) and I'm looking forward to checking the anime itself.

So in the end, it will be one of those songs that I will never 'intentionally' click to listen to and just be in my song list because it is a JUMP song.

UPDATE 10/27/16: Yesterday was the official release of FT and I'm afraid to say that I have to take back what I've said when it first came out. The song eventually grew on me (same with New Age) that I often times intentionally click on the song because I honestly enjoy it. Guess that it was not right for me to judge way too soon. I should have know because it is a JUMP song. I've learned my lesson. Gomen ne~?

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It's not a secret that I love Japanese Pop music. I dedicated a twitter, tumblr, and livejournal account for it, isn't it obvious? lol

But aside from JPOP, many people, including my friends, don't know that I'm also into JRock (or even Rock in general) Maybe because I'm not pretty showy when it comes to liking such genre but I truly enjoy it equally to JPOP.

When I was in my grade school, I got hooked by Honey and Clover (anime) and it has this ending song that I very much like. (I discovered most of my obsessions today by watching shit tons of animeYEY ANIME!) It was "Waltz" by Suneohair.  He has this calming and easy-listening voice so I started listening to his other songs.

Since then, whenever I watch an anime with awesome opening and closing theme, I try to research more about the artists and support them.Gladly, some JRock artists are on Spotify, like Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Galileo Galileo(;__;),Aqua Timez, etc, and my recent favorite Radwimps but unfortunately,me who is from the Philippines couldn't enjoy ALL of their songs on Spotify due to Japan's infamous copyright issues,

UPDATE 9/30/2016:

Spotify Japan has been launched yesterday and I was so ecstatic when I heard about this news. FINALLY, I COULD LISTEN TO MY FAVORITE?JAPANESE ARTISTS WITHOUT COPYRIGHT ISSUES!
but still, JE's old-fashion sense.remains........

I just hope I could have enough phone memory to store all my songs because sadly, it could only accomodate the JPOP genre. gosh.

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I was into anime and I remember obsessing over Lovely Complex when I was in 5th grade (2007). A little fact about me, when I really like an opening song, I will never EVER skip it. Example case was with Kimi + Boku = LOVE? But before that, I shall share my desperation just to know the artist to that awesome song. One day I was watching an episode of LoveCom and got frustrated because I really wanted to know who sang my favorite song that time. I paused the video to where the artist is showing and so my hardship began. We've had this japanese book and me being desperate, scanned the whole table of hiragana and katakana just to 'read' what was shown on the screen. and ALAS! I found it! "TEGOMASU" it says.
As for the second opening, Hey! Say! I never really liked it. But BON BON is a different story, I LOVED IT to the fact that I repeated it who knows how many times. I had no idea that the same group performed those songs mentioned. Thank God that I can clearly understand what was written and it says "Hey! Say! 7".

[google images]
New Year's eve of 2007-2008, I was surfing the channels of our television when one guy caught my attention. I was watching from Animax and they're airing Animax Musix. I, that time, just finished watching Nobuta wo Produce starring Yamapi and I was surprised to see him in Animax. I didn't know that he was in a boy group and it was like a total kyaaah moment to see them perform their newly released single, "weeeek". After a "weeeek" (pun intended lol) of repeating NEWS song and obsessing over them, I just realized that TegoMasu was a part of NEWS. AND I WAS MIND BLOWN BY THE OVER-WHELMING EPICNESS OF WHAT WAS HAPPENING THAT TIME.

      Since then I started to search more about NEWS (copyright then wasn't much of a deal so I can easily see their shop pics lmaoo) and follow their growth. As for Hey! Say! 7 (JUMP) , they didn't really get much of my attention that time since I was basically inlove with Yamapi so I HAD to follow his activities so HSJ was left in the dark and was thrown out of my system.

And how my heart was stolen by JUMP after years of being away from the fandom will be told in another entry.
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A saw a post by //skysj4// on twitter about the Wink-Up comptetition and it seemed like you have to determine which JUMP member said the specific line.

credit: @skysj4

I want to try answering this to test my knowledge of JUMP also this looked fun to answer. I've only known them recently so please forgive me if I don't get anything right~ lol

This is based on my own judgements and I'm not really confident with my answers because IT'S SO DIFFICULT!

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UPDATE 11/08/16: So the answer to the WU quiz has been revealed. Here it goes:

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