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"Inoo having an awkward relationship with Takaki has never been new to the other members, not aware of what Takaki and he are right now is far from what they have expected."

Inoo shifts his attention from the book he just started this afternoon to his long-forgotten phone that has been ringing non-stop on the bedside table.

He huffs in frustration, immediately cursing the person calling for his careless disturbance of Inoo’s ‘me time.’ Marking the book with his index finger, he holds the book with one hand to pick up his phone with the other.

Inoo catches himself holding his breath as he blink at the phone against his face. Stunned at his reaction, Inoo exhales but it did not stop him from forming a smile in sight of the name flashing on the screen. He justifies to himself, of course receiving a sudden phone call from his co-member will always make him feel moved.

After a few more rings, he instinctively makes a swiping gestures to the left with his thumb to accept the call and places the phone on his right ear, resting his back on the headboard behind him.

“Were you chased by a giant onigiri in your sleep again?”  Inoo answers, without even minding his phone manners.

He hears a gasp from the other line, “What?! No! What are you saying?” surprised by either of his statement or that Inoo actually answered.

“So why are you calling then?” Inoo feigns annoyance, not succeeding in hiding the amusement in his tone.

It took a second before the other responds, “Is there anything wrong with calling my co-members?” which sounds a little defensive for Inoo.

He glances at the clock placed way up on the wall of his bedroom, “If it’s 2 o’clock in the morning then I can confidently say that it is.” Inoo hears only a chuckle from the other line as a response.

Inoo having an awkward relationship with Takaki has never been new to the other members, not aware of what Takaki and he are right now is far from what they have expected.

Takaki would sometimes give him a call, maybe once or twice in a year to talk just about anything.

Not that they are trying to hide something prohibited, but it was Takaki who proposed it would be entertaining to act like they do not get along. Inoo agreed to his suggestion, thinking it might really be fun.

Takaki says with trembling voice, “Uh… what if I say I was…uh… really chased by a-a… s-scary giant onigiri in my sleep?”

Inoo waits for the other’s punch line, expecting Takaki to take back what he just said. He quickly let go of the book he’s holding, completely giving up on his goal to finish the book in one sitting, to stop his mouth from letting out a cackle in which he fail seconds later. Inoo let out the ugliest laugh accompanied by the violent shaking of his shoulders and a series of snort he regrets after.

Through his own, Inoo hears Takaki’s burst of laugh, maybe realizing his own idiocy.

“For real, Takagi?” Inoo tries to come up with words in between his extreme laughter. Being frightened over a nightmare about being chased by a giant onigiri is just way too childish even for Takaki’s standards. Even Yamada, who has a never-ending list of things he’s scared of, would laugh his ass off when he hears about this.

“Oi! Stop laughing! And stop calling me Takagi!” Takaki snaps but is also laughing.

Inoo weights his judgement of whether Takaki is just a great actor who’s trying to be funny or he’s really scared, in which Inoo highly doubts.

He teases, shrugging off his suspicions, “I would kick you for distracting my date with Haruki Murakami if it weren’t for your bakaki moment. Thank your bakaki self, Bakaki.” 

He hears another snicker from Takaki, “Are you making fun of me?! And aren’t you overusing Bakaki?!” with even louder volume.

“Okay, Takaki. Really. Stop shouting. I would really kick you if I were your sister.”  Inoo says with fully recovered composure but still grinning.

Takaki chuckles again before saying, “Ah sorry,” with adjusted volume, using his deep voice.

It caught him off-guard, making Inoo lose the grin on his face. He recognizes the familiar thud that attacks his system whenever Takaki use his low, husky voice. Inoo bites his lower lip in attempt to contain his stubborn self.

“Inoo-kun?” Takaki says, still maintaining the deep tone. Inoo takes back what he said earlier, he’s not sure anymore if he could actually stop himself from kicking Takaki for disturbing his ‘me-time’ and more importantly, his system.

Inoo forces a lively voice, trying hard not to sound like he is actually trying, “So… I am number one in your list to call when you get nightmares, huh?” actually shocked of what he just said himself.

“Who said about having nightmares?” he can almost hear Takaki’s grin, dodging his question.

Slowly regaining his confidence, Inoo teases, “Uhm… you did?”

“Huh?! I did not! I said ‘WHAT IF’?!” Clearly playing along with his teasing, Takaki retorts, a little exaggerated in Inoo’s judgement.

He accuses the other of being defensive, gaining another defensive  claims from Takaki, “No, I’m not!” making him crack up even more.

“That’s what my sister say when she’s being defensive,” he states, making Takaki grunt from the other line, “Forget it. Let’s talk about something else.”

Feeling the soreness from the prolonged sitting position, Inoo slides inside his comforter, shifting to his right moments after. Inoo wants to probe his previous question but decided to drop it and just continue his teasing, “About how you dreamt of being chased by a scary giant onigiri?”

“Inoo-kun,” Takaki warns, using his deep voice again. Thud. Inoo can never get used it in spite of how many times Takaki use it. He tries to dismiss the feeling like what he always does, “Okay, okay. Fine. What should we talk about?”

The other sounds like he was seriously thinking, producing a hum sound. Abruptly making Inoo feel the desperate need to quickly come up with a topic as well, uncertain of the reason himself. Just when Inoo was about to comment on how Nakajima's lips have turned erotic lately, Takaki asks, “So… Hm... What were you doing before I called?”

Inoo always had an impression of Takaki as a small talker and wondering what you did beforehand is not something small talkers ask, or so he thought. “Wow. How could you possibly hit on girls with that?” mocking the other.

Takaki may have the image of being a total womanizer but he sure does not know how to come up with something interesting. Not that he’s saying Takaki was trying to make a move on him, he is not a woman afterall, Inoo defends to himself.

As if the other could hear his thoughts from the other line, Takaki retorts, “I’m not trying to hit on you, Inoo-kun.”

Inoo shifts from his right to his left, trying to ignore the unsolicited squeeze from within him, He forces a laugh, “Of course you aren’t because I’m not girl.”

“But you surely look like one,” quickly responds the other.

Thud. Somehow that made the him unexpectedly pleased for a reason he is aware of, making the corner of his lips curve. He tries to laugh if off, “Stop hitting on me, Takagi.”

Takaki cracks up but tries to deny his accusations again, but seems overly defensive in Inoo’s ear.

Inoo let out an involuntary yawn, instinctively glancing at the wall clock which indicate he and Takaki has been talking for more than an hour already.

“We should call each other more often,” Takaki suggests after a while.

Thud. He moves his phone from his right ear to the other. This time he is not sure what is causing the unwanted thump within him. Clearly Takaki did not use his infamous sexy voice but one thing for sure is that he will surely kick Takaki the next time they meet.

The other continues, “Come to think of it, we didn’t really talk about anything at all,” Takaki chuckles.

Before he could stop his inner thoughts from spilling, Inoo blurts, “I wish you would get more nightmares...”

Realizing his own sloppiness, he silently curses himself for letting the disturbed system take over, before hearing Takaki’s agreement of his careless statement from the other line.

Inoo realizes his lips curve upwards, “So you’re finally admitting you were chased by an onigiri in your sleep again?” He hears a cackle from the other, “Yes already! Stop saying it over and over again. It’s embarrassing!”

Inoo still doubts Takaki’s innate motive of calling but prompts himself that maybe he was just expecting so much more from the other. Getting sudden phone calls from Takaki once in a while is the farthest he could get with Takaki, as Inoo have always thought and somehow that was enough for him. Finally laying off the inner debate, he sniggers, “I bet Nakajima will find this hilarious.”

“Oi! Don’t mention this to the members!” Takaki exclaims from the other line, loud enough for Inoo to actually pull the phone away from his ear.

As he put the phone back near his ear, he hears Takaki’s unusual way of addressing him again, “Inoo-kun,” pausing for what seems like a minute to Inoo.

Takaki finally continues, “May I call you again next time?”

Thud. Takaki always ask the same question whenever they are about to hang up, as if assuring Inoo that their concealed relationship will carry on.

“Sure. After all I’m number one in your list to call when you get nightmares, right?” Inoo answers, this time doing nothing to dismiss the complicated sensation and the lasting thump.

BTW. The title is the lamest again ugh.

So as you all probably know, Takaino dropped a bomb in the latest episode of Itajan where members try to reveal a secret they have been keeping since debut. Inoo said ever so calmly, as if it will not make the shippers squirm, he and Takaki would sometimes have phonecalls that would last for more than an hour.

And here I am,couldn't possibly ignore the biggest plot twist in Hey! Say! JUMP history (lol it's not).

[livejournal.com profile] tasuku_kyota has always been prompting me to write for the longest time. So here ya go~

But mind y'all that this is just my second time writing a fanfic and I'm still learning so this might not give justice to the strongest canon (so far) Takaino have thrown.

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