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Writing is something either a drink when I'm thirsty for interaction or a glass for me to pour my overwhelming feels when there's an interaction. Either way, it's a way for me to express myself.

But I won't ever call myself a writer - well literally, I'm a writer because I was the one who's writing but what I meant was figuratively, I'm not a 'writer.' (Well not for now. I guess?) I'm just someone who's overly excited about her OTP. That's it. Also because I'm new to this.

Anyway, with all the rambling I would like to say that I finally got invited to join ao3. (internal party~) I'll be posting my fanfics there from now on but don't worry (you're not really worrying I know), I'll still put it here so this account would somehow be active.

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This is my first post using Dreamwidth but I will crosspost this to LJ.

Because of all the ruckus in Livejournal, afraid of the security of subbers and translators, many decided to switch to Dreamwidth. Some said that it's already decided so taking precautionary measures is the best way to go. And me being a total parasite, also decided to make an account here just to be sure in case LJ goes thru hell fire (lol i'm exaggerating.) I don't have anything important in my account to be honest but if the subbers are leaving LJ to move here then I might as well follow.

I will use Dreamwidth from now on but will still crosspost so my LJ account will be up to date.

You can add me on Dreamwidth if you like:  heysayuyan (bc im not creative with usernames lol)
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It was my birthday the other day, and thanks a lot to those who greeted me. I pretty much appreciate it. <3

So as a birthday present, my mom gave me a laptop. (YEYYYYY)

And with this baby, I can now dedicate 80% to my fangirl life and 20% to the what this laptop was supposed to be for, school works.

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It's not a secret that I love Japanese Pop music. I dedicated a twitter, tumblr, and livejournal account for it, isn't it obvious? lol

But aside from JPOP, many people, including my friends, don't know that I'm also into JRock (or even Rock in general) Maybe because I'm not pretty showy when it comes to liking such genre but I truly enjoy it equally to JPOP.

When I was in my grade school, I got hooked by Honey and Clover (anime) and it has this ending song that I very much like. (I discovered most of my obsessions today by watching shit tons of animeYEY ANIME!) It was "Waltz" by Suneohair.  He has this calming and easy-listening voice so I started listening to his other songs.

Since then, whenever I watch an anime with awesome opening and closing theme, I try to research more about the artists and support them.Gladly, some JRock artists are on Spotify, like Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Galileo Galileo(;__;),Aqua Timez, etc, and my recent favorite Radwimps but unfortunately,me who is from the Philippines couldn't enjoy ALL of their songs on Spotify due to Japan's infamous copyright issues,

UPDATE 9/30/2016:

Spotify Japan has been launched yesterday and I was so ecstatic when I heard about this news. FINALLY, I COULD LISTEN TO MY FAVORITE?JAPANESE ARTISTS WITHOUT COPYRIGHT ISSUES!
but still, JE's old-fashion sense.remains........

I just hope I could have enough phone memory to store all my songs because sadly, it could only accomodate the JPOP genre. gosh.

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I was into anime and I remember obsessing over Lovely Complex when I was in 5th grade (2007). A little fact about me, when I really like an opening song, I will never EVER skip it. Example case was with Kimi + Boku = LOVE? But before that, I shall share my desperation just to know the artist to that awesome song. One day I was watching an episode of LoveCom and got frustrated because I really wanted to know who sang my favorite song that time. I paused the video to where the artist is showing and so my hardship began. We've had this japanese book and me being desperate, scanned the whole table of hiragana and katakana just to 'read' what was shown on the screen. and ALAS! I found it! "TEGOMASU" it says.
As for the second opening, Hey! Say! I never really liked it. But BON BON is a different story, I LOVED IT to the fact that I repeated it who knows how many times. I had no idea that the same group performed those songs mentioned. Thank God that I can clearly understand what was written and it says "Hey! Say! 7".

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New Year's eve of 2007-2008, I was surfing the channels of our television when one guy caught my attention. I was watching from Animax and they're airing Animax Musix. I, that time, just finished watching Nobuta wo Produce starring Yamapi and I was surprised to see him in Animax. I didn't know that he was in a boy group and it was like a total kyaaah moment to see them perform their newly released single, "weeeek". After a "weeeek" (pun intended lol) of repeating NEWS song and obsessing over them, I just realized that TegoMasu was a part of NEWS. AND I WAS MIND BLOWN BY THE OVER-WHELMING EPICNESS OF WHAT WAS HAPPENING THAT TIME.

      Since then I started to search more about NEWS (copyright then wasn't much of a deal so I can easily see their shop pics lmaoo) and follow their growth. As for Hey! Say! 7 (JUMP) , they didn't really get much of my attention that time since I was basically inlove with Yamapi so I HAD to follow his activities so HSJ was left in the dark and was thrown out of my system.

And how my heart was stolen by JUMP after years of being away from the fandom will be told in another entry.
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I'm GIL from the Philippines and I'm basically a band-worshipping weeaboo who loves cute japanese idols.

I've loved NEWS since grade school, I still do
But recently, I jumped in the HEY! SAY! JUMP hole
and there's no way to get back up.
I'm trapped here.

Being in this hole, I met a contradicting, self-proclaimed-cool-but-really-a-dork named Yuya Takaki.

Now I'm loving it here *puts on sunglasses, sits comfortably, put hands behind head, sips my tropical drink*.
"I regret nothing."

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