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"Having a night walk with him after a year sends back the memory of when we used to take the same route"

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Takaki's J:REAL was freaking heaven-sent that I just have to make a story out of it! This was supposed to be a special fluffy coffee date with Yuya but I don't know, his facial expression just screams ANGST to me (or maybe because I'm a huge sucker for angst?)
Of course I have the image of Takaki x Inoo in my mind because I am (very) biased but this could be anyone, even yourself.
Me having a night walk with Takaki Yuya? UGH. YES. PLS.
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So I just got a copy of the PV Making of Sayonara Sensation from a friend (I know, I'm super late. Though I've seen it already.) And I was so excited to have my own copy just to capture these moments on GIF. I was seriously enjoying the dorkiness of JUMP playing that child-ish game (too bad, it has no subtitle) and there goes freaking Takaki and Inoo being all lovey-dovey in the background. And from that moment on, I couldn't focus on what's happening in the game anymore. DAMN TAKANOO! Ruining everything even my soul!

[my gif | c: heysayuyan]

Takanoo being all lovey-dovey in the Sayonara Sensation PV Making.
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Aisureba Motto Happy Life x Takanoo

[my gif | c: heysayuyan]

Don't they look like newly-wed couples with their friends helping with the unpacking.
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I spent too much effort just to make a Yuya mood theme. Might as well share it with anyone who wants it. (─‿‿─)

Here are some GIF and pics you could use to make your very own Yuya mood theme.

Mood GIF / Pics )Instruction on how to use these )

I shall state that these are NOT my GIF's and pics. I merely got these from google images and tumblr.
Credits to their respective owners.

Might add more in the future~~


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