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"Sound of soft counting, followed by familiar touch of lips.

A dream?

Must be."

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Yesterday was Takaki's birthday and I was so focused on spamming on Twitter so I wasn't able to greet him here.

In celebration, I wrote this weird Takaino drabble.

And right, talking about takaino. Hikaru will be absent on next week's Rajira but MOST FORTUNATELY Takaki will be guesting so only Takaki and Inoo. Just both of them. In an enclosed space. Talking for more than an hour...

Can I just scream? AHIXNEIXNZYSN. Okay. I'm done.
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Intoxicating taste of tabacco, hickeys, and car sex.

edited: 03/06/17

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I've been wanting to read a smut fic about Takaino car sex along with Takaki's smoking habits bc they're like the greatest concept but I got tired of waiting so I wrote it myself. This is my first time to write with such theme and this has the weirdest POV so bear with it lol. Also, I don't really like the ending. Hmmmmm. (But too lazy to revise now...) Edited it already~

To my lovely mates, Soma and Jacqueline. Yo~  Here is the fic I've been hyping about. Hope you both would like it~
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      I could say that beside scrolling thru my Twitter timeline and sorting my gallery pictures, I spend most of my time reading fan fictions. I would gladly list down 'reading fanfics' in my hobby list if I must. But sadly, my main ship, my ultimate OTP, *cough TAKAINOO *cough, don't get enough recognition they deserve. So here I am listing down my favorite Takaki Yuya x Inoo Kei fanfiction of all time for others to get enlightened of the wonders this pairing could give (I'm exaggerating lol). But really, I just want to get track of the these fics for I tend to lose the link because my bookmark bar is a blackhole.
      Including the author and the //porn// warning (yea yea I read a lot of kinky fics, so what), I linked the fic through the title, so just click it.
      Lists aren't supposed to be in order, as a man would always say aka me, so this isn't ordered based on what I liked best to least because I love all of them. Lists aren't supposed to be completed, as said by me also, so I shall add more in the future.

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"Having a night walk with him after a year sends back the memory of when we used to take the same route"

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Takaki's J:REAL was freaking heaven-sent that I just have to make a story out of it! This was supposed to be a special fluffy coffee date with Yuya but I don't know, his facial expression just screams ANGST to me (or maybe because I'm a huge sucker for angst?)
Of course I have the image of Takaki x Inoo in my mind because I am (very) biased but this could be anyone, even yourself.
Me having a night walk with Takaki Yuya? UGH. YES. PLS.
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"Inoo having an awkward relationship with Takaki has never been new to the other members, not aware of what Takaki and he are right now is far from what they have expected."

More than an hour-phone call )
BTW. The title is the lamest again ugh.

So as you all probably know, Takaino dropped a bomb in the latest episode of Itajan where members try to reveal a secret they have been keeping since debut. Inoo said ever so calmly, as if it will not make the shippers squirm, he and Takaki would sometimes have phonecalls that would last for more than an hour.

And here I am,couldn't possibly ignore the biggest plot twist in Hey! Say! JUMP history (lol it's not).

[livejournal.com profile] tasuku_kyota has always been prompting me to write for the longest time. So here ya go~

But mind y'all that this is just my second time writing a fanfic and I'm still learning so this might not give justice to the strongest canon (so far) Takaino have thrown.

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“Yan reminds me of you, Yuya.” But I didn’t really get what he meant that night.

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*Note: I used this fic by Tachan (arigatou~) as an insert scene. Read it after. :)

       I got the idea of the plot from the video that I've seen on Facebook about a dog being overly excited by his owner's return after a long time. I've started on this fic about 3 weeks ago but didn't have enough inspiration and ideas to finish it. But after reading the fanfic I linked above there by [livejournal.com profile] tasuku_kyota last night, I got the motivation I needed to get this over with so I shall dedicate this to her. After all, I'm a fan of her.
       I feel scared because this is my first time to write a fan fiction but thanks to [livejournal.com profile] takainoo4life for giving me her //sarcastic// moral support hahaha.  One more thing... that title is just cheesy af. UGH. I'm so bad at giving names.