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Intoxicating taste of tabacco, hickeys, and car sex.

edited: 03/06/17

Takaki draws the cigarette between his lips, taking his time to fill his lungs with the nicotine before blowing the tender gray smoke out of the car window to flow with the air. Noticing the familiar figure dashing towards his direction, Takaki takes the last sip, crushing the short stick on his portable ashtray, and letting out the smoke again. He had the freedom to burn his lungs out these past few weeks of not being able to meet with Inoo due to their tight schedules. He always hated the smell of cigarette so smoking with him around would be impossible.

Inoo lets out a sharp, dismayed noise as a complaint, wrinkling along his nose in full exaggeration before settling himself on the passenger seat.

Pulling the lever below the driver seat, Takaki widens the space away from the steering wheel before pulling Inoo to position on his lap facing towards him, ignoring the usual protest about his smoking habits.

"I missed you," Takaki says lovingly, not minding the possibility of being seen by passers-by inspite of the closed, heavily-tinted window and being parked in a VIP lot.

As if on instinct, Inoo roughly humps his hips with Takaki’s thigh, guided by the hands on his waist while holding his cheeks in place. "You stink," Inoo whines, crashing their lips right after, tasting the tabacco in Takaki's mouth that he was supposed to hate. "Hmm," he moans in between their linked lips, intoxicated.

Inoo pulls himself away to gasp for air, shifting his hands to encircle around Takaki's neck for support as he draw his face to Inoo's pale neck. Inoo submittingly throws his head backward to give better access while taking a sharp breath through the nose, breathing in more of the longing scent in the tight air supply in Takaki's car. Takaki gives it a long sniff, inhaling Inoo's familiar cologne that he longed for, giving small kisses throughout the neck. He stops on the small bump of Inoo throat for a moment as his hands work their way up to crawl inside Inoo's shirt to touch the bare skin of his back, embracing him. Moving his lips to the side, Takaki gives Inoo's soft skin a harsh bite, sucking it hard subsequently. Inoo can't help but to let out a loud moan, not sure to himself if it was a cry of pain or pleasure, feeling light brushes of Takaki's lips on the stinging area right after.

"This might leave a mark," lifting his face up, Takaki comments, looking at the red-purple-ish mark in contrast to the white skin of Inoo's neck.

"I don't care. Do it again." The desperate tone on Inoo's voice made Takaki let out a small, amused chuckle. Letting go of his embrace, Takaki holds Inoo’s jawline with his large hand, the other still on his back while staring at the Inoo's dark wanting eyes with his own. He hastily closes the distance between their faces to lick Inoo's lower lip in one swift motion, Takaki bitting and tugging it before letting go to the taste of metal in his mouth. Inoo pants, with half-closed lids and clot of blood evident on his parted lips.

Takaki feels himself grow even tighter under Inoo's hips. If only he could see the face he is making right, so sexy, so inviting. Closing the distance again, repositioning his hand to Inoo's messy hair to guide him as he let Inoo see his own reflection through his intense gaze, brushing along his lips with Inoo's wounded pair. But Inoo is the one to take it deeper, inviting his own tongue inside Takaki's mouth.

Inoo groans in frustration. Trying hard not to part their linked tongues, he bends on his knees to remove his own restriction between them but failed as he struggle to move within the limited space of their position. Takaki does the same, hoisting his hip to lower the unwanted coverage way down to his knees, panting in anticipation. Successful, Inoo lets out a huff, aggresively throwing the unwanted material to the passenger seat. "Next time, we're doing it at the backseat," Inoo says, annoyed, making Takaki laugh before enclosing their lips again for a passionate kiss. Inoo roughly grinding their exposed hardness, moaning along with Takaki's groans, addicted to the friction he has created.

Feeling the soreness of his lips, Inoo breaks away their lips. Hastily pulling Takaki's wrist to put two of his fingers inside his own mouth, wetting and sucking them, before guiding it to position in entrance to his own tightness. Takaki could only click his to tongue, sneering in amusement, "So needy."

"Shut up and fuck m-" Inoo was not able to finish, feeling Takaki's fingers curl deep in him, leaning his body on Takaki's broad chest and returning his arms around his neck. Inoo lets out long, heavy breaths against Takaki's neck in full submission to the painful pleasure. Takaki strokes Inoo’s sweaty back, slowly and softly moving up and down in attempt to alleviate the sting he know Inoo is feeling. Inoo trembles to the continuous movements of Takaki's fingers, moving up slowly and slamming down. Feeling himself quiver as Takaki hit his own weakness with merely his long fingers, Inoo tightening his wrap around Takaki's neck as the pleasure becomes so overwhelming, sending him to his edge, panting in random rhythm close to Takaki's ear.

In spite of not reaching his release and still being hard, Takaki strokes Inoo's back again, easing him with up and down movement, fingers still in his tenderness. Feeling their sweltering bodies together gives him the urge to smoke again. But if he would be given a choice to smoke all he want throughout his lifetime but be away from this soft, delicate guy, then he would rather choose his other addiction.

I've been wanting to read a smut fic about Takaino car sex along with Takaki's smoking habits bc they're like the greatest concept but I got tired of waiting so I wrote it myself. This is my first time to write with such theme and this has the weirdest POV so bear with it lol. Also, I don't really like the ending. Hmmmmm. (But too lazy to revise now...) Edited it already~

To my lovely mates, Soma and Jacqueline. Yo~  Here is the fic I've been hyping about. Hope you both would like it~

Date: 3 March 2017 11:12 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] tasuku-kyota.livejournal.com
Goddamit the sex background and how it escalates is just so takaino, calm yet wild, hide in a place where everybody can clearly see, UGH HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO BREATH

buttttttttttt you probably right, i thought there will be a cumming part at the ending, but it's an open-ending ;;
Still it doesn't make this fic any less, this is a great nc time of takaino, please write more nc or takaino fics in general in near future /laughs majestically/ /sailing with takaino/

Date: 4 March 2017 12:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] heysayuyan.livejournal.com
They just can't wait to get in each others' pants after their long time away from each other. Both of them so needy~~~

I'll try to make something *more rough* takaino nc time, worthy of long cumming part 😂

Thanks for reading, Tachan!

Date: 3 March 2017 02:49 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] jendaiyu.livejournal.com


Of course inoochan being so needy bcs nobody can resist yuya's sexiness. Totally love this sexy and wonderful fanfic <3

Pls keep writing  <3 <3

Date: 4 March 2017 12:53 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] heysayuyan.livejournal.com
Glad you're still alive because I have more takaino nc fic in store. AND YES. TAKAINO SEX IN THE CAR + YUYA WITH CIGARETTE = GIL'S BLEEDING NOSE

Inoo-chan so lucky :(((

Thanks for reading, jen~~~~

Date: 5 March 2017 06:37 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lu-mi-na.livejournal.com

Date: 6 March 2017 02:03 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] heysayuyan.livejournal.com
/wipes away the blood on the floor/

Thanks for reading, Lumi-chan~

Date: 7 March 2017 04:56 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] rawpickles.livejournal.com

be careful with this one because it is burning!! ;)


Date: 9 March 2017 05:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] heysayuyan.livejournal.com
You don't know how happy this comment made me.

Thanks for reading~