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This is the third time for me to review HSJ's single and songs. But this time, I'm gonna rank them based on my liking and then give my comments.

Our Days
This is considered ballad, right? Yeah. I'll consider it ballad. My definition of ballad is when a song can be a great background song when I feel down or whenever I want to listen to it if the weather is bloomy. Sort of like that.
No one can deny that the opening sounds almost too alike with Canon. It almost frightened me that theyight get sued because of this but nope JS wouldn't let that happen. When it comes to ballad, either Yabu or Yama stand out or given more lines but the fact that in this song, mof the time they sing together and almost no single line for each member until the bridge. I love that they're giving other members a chance to enhance their singing. Same with the previous singles, I learned to appreciate Chinen's voice more. Though I like it more when he's rapping, he did great with his solo line here. I have the tendency to be overly-critical when it comes to my bias, like what I usually do with Takaki. In his acclaimed solo line in the bridge, I find his long note ("hana") flat. No doubt he has a great singing voice but what he lacks is the dynamics unlike Yama and Yabu. But in all, this is one of HSJ songs I could never skip whenever it comes next in my playlist.

Funky Time
This is the B side that also has a PV but let's talk about the song first.
It sounds clichè, idealistically happy, moments with friends, kind of song. The ones you would usually play in your roofless car on the way to the beach with your friends (pretty much like 'Kira Kira Hikare') But I don't mean to give it a negative note. I love the light, easy-going feel to this song but I appreciate it more because of the PV.
I've always been looking forward to a JUMP PV with amateur, candid shots and just the boys showing their naturally dorky sides. And SURPRISE, we really got it! With the red double-decker bus and English suits, they've reached end of the boy band spectrum. I was not surprised that most people on twitter find the PV too One Direction-esque. This PV wasn't promoted at all so I just relied to the boys' description of it being fun and natural and so when it came out, tobikkos almost forgot about Over The Top.

Vanilla Ice
I don't know why but this reminds me of Traffic Jam from the GML single. I didn't really like this at first but as I repeat and paid more attention to the ad-libs I've come to appreciate it more. Mature JUMP strikes again. This song sounds so erotic and sensual with all the whispering and those (unholy) moans in the background. Right, please help me distinguish the one who whispered "feel it, feel it, feel it, love" at the end of the first verse because I swear if it's Takaki, (I greatly suspect it to be him) I'm gonna lose my shit. I neef someone confirm this. But bias aside, this is Takaki's song. They alwayd take advantage of his sexy, low voice for this kind of song that would showcase JUMP's adult side. Also, I noticed that they always pair Takaki with Daiki when it come to singing. Maybe because yeah their voice complement one another. "So annoying. Takaki here, Takaki there." Then let's talk about how they're starting to give attention to Keito's voice recently. Thanks to whoever is distributing the song lines for the recent singles.

Over The Top
It's like the song has been playing in my head since the day the short version was released for the opening of an anime. Before the actual release, even before hearing the full song. A bad case of major Last Song Syndrome for me. I was so delighted because Yabu stands out so much. He owned it and even he is aware of it (he mentioned it in his e-mail, I think?) and his line in the bridge is my favorite line.
When the preview for the PV of this song was supposed to be released, I stayed up with a lot of tobikkos on Twitter and we've gone nuts with how JUMP looked overly-cool with just plain black shirt and black pants. Simple costumes. Sleek dance. The warm tone of the PV. More when I watched the PV and witnessed how equal the screen time for each member was. (Though some Yama biased were complaining that he wadn't the center enough. Like yo. That was supposed to be the case at the first place.) But honestly, I haven't seen the full PV making as of this time but as I've seen from some clips and translation, this only proves how awful the making was for the GML PV. Fun, lively relationship between the memebers is a must. Also, it's OTP wonderland for Takaino, Ariyama but most esp Yabuhika shippers.

Let's talk about Keito again. Okay. His deep voice here is like a dirty talk to my ears. So teasy! But honestly, I never really liked party songs and this song is not an exception. They're not trying hard to be original with this song. The chorus was to conventional especially with the "Say Yeah! Say Ho!" Though, I was playing this song yesterday while showering and I just can't help but to dance along. No denying that this song is fun. I'll give it a chance.
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