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        It has been weeks since the show Cain and Abel (2016) come to its conclusion and me being a total procrastinator, just finished watching it today. I don't really follow the weekly release of a drama unless I really like to the point that I couldn't hold back or the drama itself doesn't get subbed fast enough for me to catch up. In this case of this drama, it was the latter. But many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] anna3751, who worked her harddest to sub this drama and to shed light for the international viewers, we were able to not only see Yamada in a business suit but also appreciate the drama itself.

 Cain and Abel. The plot itself wasn't all that unique in any way. It was based on a story from the bible of two brothers fighting for the affection of their father. We all know how it goes, there's no surprise to how things will go. When Yamada's new drama was announced having the concept of Cain and Abel, I didn't really feel the hype at all. Not because he is not my ichiban or something but because the plot itself was not something new for me to look forward to. But knowing Getsu 9's 'reputation,' I thought that maybe the execution and few new elements are what differ adaptations from the original and with this drama so I might as well give this one a chance. They intend to add unrequited love to the conflict, catching my attention.

        Yu was perceived to be a happy-go-lucky son, being the second-born of a rich family and not having any responsibility of being the succesor of their company. On the other hand, Ryu, the big brother, was put in the pressure of being the next president and raised to become the perfect one. With their father giving more attention to the future succesor, Yu has formed a hidden resentment against his brother. Adding more to the heavy-feelings of Yu, he met and fell in love with his brother's girlfriend and fiancée, Azusa. Without noticing his co-worker, Hikari's one-sided love for him.
        Yu, with the help of Azusa, got the chance to prove his worth to his father, deepening their relationship. Ryu was very much aware of Yu's capabilities, as seen in the flackbacks from their childhood of his younger brother's perceverance to find their father's fountain pen. Their father finally acknowledging Yu, the elder son feel threatened thinking that not only his position as the succesor but also his girlfriends' attention might be snatched away by his younger brother who is now in the spotlight. Because of this, Ryu made a desperate action that led to his dismissal as the vice-president. Some viewers bat an eye on Ryu and even condemning him but having his whole childhood become a preparation for him to be the president and giving his whole self to the company, who wouldn't feel betrayed and insecure? For me, he has all the right to feel that way against his brother and even his father because he worked all his life for the future of the company.
        Azusa has become the catalyst to the already-heated relationship of the two brothers. Having Ryu snapped at her, she somewhat felt that Ryu's love was fading so she leaned her head over Yu's shoulder for comfort. Accusing her to be the reason why all of this happened is a little bit unfair for her character. She didn't do anything wrong. She never lead-on Yu, not to her own intention atleast. Yu, thinking that he might have the chance on Azusa, misunderstood her actions of her looking for support. She may had her weak moments of confusion but since the very beginning her actions strongly speaks of how much she loves Ryu, making the decision of turning down Yu's confession.
        Gaining the position of a director and wanting to prove to Azusa that he's more capable than his now-pathetic brother, Yu has developed to be the perfect business man he envisioned himself to be while being stoic and boring in the process. His perception has been blinded by his greed of power in the defense to gain the love he desired, while disregarding the love and affection he's already receiving from his friends and Hikari. The one who has been there for Yu throughout the whole progress, subtly assuring him of her companionship, giving him appreciation for his accomplishments, and even giving up her love just for his happiness. Hikari was not given enough development as a character but the moments between her and Yu though have been given short screen time from time to time still shows the relationship's progress.
        Yu's desperation to outshine his brother led his own ship to sink, making a huge chaos and having the future of the company on the line but got easily resolved with ex-machina, snap of Kurosawa's finger, the character who gave all the mysterious vibe to mislead the viewers into thinking he's the real antagonist but was really a loving gentleman who only wants the approval of Takada household of his marriage with Momo. It just frustrates me how the longest built-up to the conflict which spanned up to 8 episodes was just resolved with the help of the good old cheesy family-love, working-out things together, standing hand-in-hand cliche. What a push-over! Well atleast the brothers didn't kill each other and have one big happy family atlast, I guess? Phew, thank heavens the investors from "D" hotel surprisingly didn't pull-out, if they did what's left for Yu then?  I could have appreciate a better, more satisfying ending...

(Not to mention the awkward symbolisms through out the whole drama that weren't really necessary, eg. Kurosawa wearing a white suit at the ending to show that he's a good person lol cringe-y af and the clear sexism in modern-day Japan.)

       What I appreciate the most in this drama is the spectacular acting of the casts, especially the two main roles. The potrayal of the characters of the brothers in conflict with each other and the inner conflict was done greatly by both Yamada and Kiritani. Definitely, Yamada's performance here is a big leap for his acting career.

        If you have the patience and is looking for a family and drama-themed series with sensible character development then Cain and Abel is for you... just get ready to get frustrated by that lame-ass ending.
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