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Hey! Say! JUMP's latest single, Give Me Love, was supposed to be released officially yesterday (14 Dec) in Japan. But for some unknown reason, some fans already have their copies of the single and all of its edition on hand the day before (13 Dec). I just don't know how early releases work, really. Like, what's the whole point of the official release date? If it's exclusive for fans club members or for raffle winners then there will be no confusion but it was avaliable to most stores already, like whuuut?

Okay nevermind that rambling, it not really a big deal and I'm not here to talk about that. But in relation to that, I've downloaded the digital copy of the single and would like to give my opinion of the songs in it including a //little// talk about the PV and making of Give Me Love song.

Give Me Love
      Matured. That's the word to describe this song. Away from the usual happy-go-lucky, whimsical image of JUMP. TaDaiki previewed this song on their radio show, BayJUMP, and also this is the closing song for Yamada's drama, Cain and Abel. With that, I already know the song and wasn't excited anymore because I was so convinced that the almost 4-minute preview will be the official version. But I was wrong. Again. Everyone did well in this song, though the line distribution wasn't the best and few lines were given to the "lesser-known" members. But what caught me off guard is the second verse. The moment when the beat dropped, I literally let out an amused gasped. More when Yuya's line came that got me to a sitting position. Just a bummer that that phrase was his only solo line in the whole damn song *cough cough biased cough.* And that's it. The rest of the song was just meh because again, I heard from the previews several times already. Bad side of preview really.
     About the PV, I've seen it and to be brutally honest, I don't fully understand what it's all about. I enjoyed the concept of acting and the several rooms with IKEA-showroom style (not that we have IKEA here in my country but hey we have google here.) What I understand was that Yamada, Inoo, and Yabu; Chinen, Keito and Hika; and Yuto, Daiki, and Yuya are living in the same world. Each scenarios show desperation or in need for love and affection. But that's it really. A lot of questions has been bothering me like why is Yamada looking at the camera at the first and last scene? What's the connection of Keito, Yuya, and Yabu waiting in the park and and forgetting to bring umbrella in the context of the song? Again, what's the connection of burning in hot coffee? Why only focus on the interaction between YamaInooBu but not the other two worlds (not sure about this but I can't be bothered to rewatch the PV really)? If someone could explain it to me for me to enlightened, then it would be great. Because what it seems to me is that they just want to give love to us fans by giving fanservice (eg. InooBu anf especially in the YutoYamaChi section.) I've seen a lot of screencaps with the 3 and to be honest, that's the reason why I'm not really in the hype to watch the making.

Traffic Jam
    Whenever I listen to this song, I could imagine myself being stuck in a Traffic Jam and honking my horn together with the beat of the song or the feeling of listening to this during a long road trips back to the busy city from a week of vacation. Damn, I love matured JUMP. The intro was Yama and verses of it has pairs singing (not really sure but based on my ear's judgement, Yuto-Chinen; Daiki-Yuya; Keito-Yabu; Inoo-Hikaru,) making me pleased because everyone got their spotlight. Not to mention Keito's "thing" (don't know the technical term) at the bridge. YES KEITO, GOOD JOB. YOUR HARD WORK IS FINALLY GETTING PAYED OFF.

    And Keito again with the opening. I'm so happy that they're giving him attention now. Same feeling with Yabu also standing out. But for sure, this song is Keito's. I can imagine JUMP as rich boys being arrogant like those Western MV about raining cash, awful sexualizing of girls, luxury cars, and huge mansions. Better yet just them drag racing, being boying and cool as fuck. Moreover, it sounds kinda high class and fancy, that I feel like it could fit in the Dear album.

Baby I Love You
     This song was also previewed in BayJUMP and at that moment I know I'm gonna love this song. One thing, because it is sort of a band song, and if you know me or you've read my past entry (in which you don't because really, who would waste time to read those irrelevant stuff?), I love JUMP band. This could fit to be a summer song where you could envision JUMP going and being dorky in the beach, if not just for that "Happy New Year to you." Second thing, and excuse me for being biased, YUYA'S I LOVE YOU OMFG. Formula of my favorite song: BandJUMP + Yuya fanservice = BEST SONG IN THE SINGLE!

      We're back with the old-fashion boy group sound with this song. Each got to sing their own solo line and that's a good thing, I guess (I'm all about fairness here.) This could be a song they could sing when riding the floaters during concerts while throwing signed balls to the fans or the background music to the documentary of their achievements for their 10th anniversary. It gives the feeling of nostalgia of their Glorious moments. Now I'm hoping.

Ashita Hallelujah (明日ハレルヤ)
      Will I consider this ballad? Yes, I will. Yabu in ballads has now become a tradition. His voice is standing out again. And why won't Yuya sing more ballad? I would have like this song more if it's not for that ending part. TOO REPETITIVE. TOO LONG.

After all the issue with Give Me Love PV, this single must be my second favorite singles from 2016, next to Fantastic Time. I understand that some tobikko aren't really fond of this single but we all have different opinions. That's why I'm voicing out mine.  
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