26 January 2017

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"Having a night walk with him after a year sends back the memory of when we used to take the same route"

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Takaki's J:REAL was freaking heaven-sent that I just have to make a story out of it! This was supposed to be a special fluffy coffee date with Yuya but I don't know, his facial expression just screams ANGST to me (or maybe because I'm a huge sucker for angst?)
Of course I have the image of Takaki x Inoo in my mind because I am (very) biased but this could be anyone, even yourself.
Me having a night walk with Takaki Yuya? UGH. YES. PLS.
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      I could say that beside scrolling thru my Twitter timeline and sorting my gallery pictures, I spend most of my time reading fan fictions. I would gladly list down 'reading fanfics' in my hobby list if I must. But sadly, my main ship, my ultimate OTP, *cough TAKAINOO *cough, don't get enough recognition they deserve. So here I am listing down my favorite Takaki Yuya x Inoo Kei fanfiction of all time for others to get enlightened of the wonders this pairing could give (I'm exaggerating lol). But really, I just want to get track of the these fics for I tend to lose the link because my bookmark bar is a blackhole.
      Including the author and the //porn// warning (yea yea I read a lot of kinky fics, so what), I linked the fic through the title, so just click it.
      Lists aren't supposed to be in order, as a man would always say aka me, so this isn't ordered based on what I liked best to least because I love all of them. Lists aren't supposed to be completed, as said by me also, so I shall add more in the future.



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